Rust connection problems

Hi there,

I have now since 2 days a problem with rust… It worked fine before now i start lagging when i start it. I have good internet and a good computer here is my system

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Intel® Core™ i7 -6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00GHz
Win 7 64bit

I dont get FPS drops or FPS Lags its just high ping…
I tried already:
-restart Computer
-restart Router
-Reinstall Rust
-waiting till it works (didn’t work)
-Starting at another time (didnt work either)

So i ask for help, hope you can help me. Feel free to ask important things i forgot.

Try moving to another server, you can’t do much about packetloss, if you’re wired into your modem i’d suggest testing your cable or switch it out, there could be an internal issue with it. Try switching servers as well.

you can also perform a hard start on your router much like you could do a computer.

Routers are just like computers they get hot after a certain amount of heavy use. make sure your router could breathe and you might as well unplug it for a while and let it cool down for a a hour and then plug it back in.
if the problem still persists you might have to contact who you run your internet service through.