Rust Coordinates

How to find my coordinates, I tried /do coords but it wont work?

Currently as the game stands, there is no way to find your coords. At least none that I know of.

YOU GOIN’ be lost bro!.. its pretty easy to get turned around and lost with no map, no compass, no light, and keep in mind the sun doesn’t rise and set appropriately so you cant use that a compass. =[

No need for compass, I can the map in my head :smiley:

The best you can do currently is have a sleeping bag. If you die, you can just respawn there.

Lol, voting dumb on something you don’t manage to do?

Seems like you don’t understand my question.

yea… that one threw me off too… still kinda confused.

the fact that /do coords was removed is kind of an insult to anyone trying to actually play the game the way it is intended to be played. It’s almost like we’re being encouraged to not build anything, but to just mindlessly roam and hope that we find good drops, then kill each other… Like why even build anything if walls can be destroyed.

how does not having coordinates = not wanting you to build anything? I have an awesome pad set up at the moment and did it without coordinates… I don’t see the relation.

removing /do coords was incredibly stupid… garry is a fucking child

yea… ok again another response that doesn’t make any sense its just you complaining like on all your other posts… and you wonder why people are talking to you the way they are… good luck out there, seems like everything is going to be stupid to you maybe you just shouldn’t play. were here to support a pre-production game… pre-production… meaning its not done yet so quit bitching and give some support to help improve it.

pre production is about providing feedback to mold the game to be, if you dont like that then dont play a pre production game and talk in the community, youre ill productive :wink:

dude what the hell are you talking about??!! you don’t even make any sense

Oh my God.
Pain4Prez, Rust is an “Early Access” game. That means that it is an “alpha”, or simply that it is not done yet.
It clearly states this on the Steam Store page.
If you do not want bugs and/or help shaping what could be an amazing game, just leave.
Thanks for hearing me out.

The sun does rise in the East, and set in the West, just like IRL. You can always use that for direction finding. Other than that use or something to figure out where you’re at using landmarks.

/location works for me

It gives X.Y.Z coords

Part of survival is being able to navigate. If you can’t figure out how to navigate without all your fancy schmancy gadgets, you won’t survive. You shouldn’t need coordinates, or a compass, or a map. Use the environment around you to navigate.

Thanks I have been using a crude map instead of

The clouds also always move west, too.

why did this have to turn into an argument in the new version of rust you can do /loc and get your coords