Rust Crafting question

hey guys if you are playing rust you know that you need to craft ALOT.
and there are things like gunpowder that you will need to craft bunch of them, so my question is this:
is that possible to use autoclicker or Mouse macro on the ‘+’ sign or the ‘-’ sign to make things faster?

picture of the ‘-’ and the ‘+’:

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Yes, something that you could have easily tested yourself, you can use an autoclicker to quickly press the + key, I’d suggest holding shift as well if you’re crafting a lot.

Can’t you hold the + or edit the number in the middle manually?


How about using shift click for +10 and CTRL click for max? its already in the game

didnt knew thanks mate :smiley:

Holding shift while pressing the “+” will add 10+, holding ctrl while pressing “+” will add as much as you can make.