Rust Crash on startup

is there any fix? I can’t open the client that crash immediatly :frowning:
My game icon on the desktop is an invalid icon.
Game size is 464.1M

Did you install it correctly? How do you open the game? What are your computer specs? Full screen or windowed play? If window play what is the size?

Can’t give you answers with so many variables not answered.

i start rust from steam (and installed from steam too), i don’t see any window because i get error message immediatly.
i have i5 2500k, gtx580, ram 12gb, ssd 240gb. I play other games in 1920x1080

Uninstall & install again.

Just done. Doesn’t work yet :expressionless:
Can you tell me how many big is the game folder?

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why does steam require 979MB of free space but after I download only 464MB?

Ok, after a check game folder is 979MB, i think steam has compressed file or something like this.


Any idea?
I have same problem with Unity 3d, and this game is done with this engine.
I tried to use -force-d3d11 but the game crashes yet :frowning:

It’s a software issue on your end. Have a trusted buddy who plays rust look it over.

it’s a unity 3d bug. More people have the same problem to load unity 3d 4.2.2 that can’t uses d3d11 for the rendering. 4.1.5 works fine, but 4.2.2 has this issue that is not fixed yet. Rust uses the same rendering system of Unity 3D 4.2.2 and for this i have this crash.
Can anyone tell me which version of Unity 3D is used for development?

I have zero problems with it. You stated the file is 464MB. You are missing files then. The game is 979MB.

i have installed rust from steam, on my laptop i don’t have any problem, but if i use my pc desktop it stops working :\

Go to properties by right clicking on the game, write in -force-d3d11 inn launch options and play :slight_smile:

Read the posts. He said he tried that. I’m also having crashing issues on Linux Mint 64bit.