RUST crash on the loading screen

Hello guys,
I just can’t run rust .
I press play from the pannel where you choose the graphics than it load for about 3 sec and nothing happen,no process in taskmanager too.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled ,checked game files but nothing.
I never had a problem like that.
Please help

My pc :
windows 8.1
i5 4670
gtx 770
8gb ram
and of course I use it from steam

Sorry for my bad english ,hope I expalin myself.
I search a solution in google but couldn’t find it.


Although it doesn’t crash for me, since the update to dx11, when I initiate the game, the computer freezes for about 10 seconds before coming up with the panel where you select graphics options, controls etc. There have been a few similar reported problems, might be related. See what the next update brings…

it is like this since 1 weeks .
I have tried even running rust as develop-debug and stuff like that but nothing