Rust Crash. Started after new update.

hello, so ever since the new update that came 18th march, i have been unable to play rust. i can get into the menu, i can hit play game, options etc… but as soon as i join a server and get into it, after waiting for character, my graphics card will act up, my screen goes a random color, so far ive had white, purple, light blue and red. each time it does that i heard a like buzzing sound in my headphones, then my computer restarts. now straight away i thought it was my graphics card, so i unplugged it, gave it a clean, tried again, same error, at this time i was getting scared that my card was broken, so i reinstall some drivers, still the same thing happens, i try other games and they work fine, not a single problem. so then i thought maybe if i reformat my computer everything will be fine, this wasnt the case, all ym games work except for rust, i tried re-installing rust, no luck. im not sure what is happening and was hoping someone on this forum would have better luck.

i have a GTX 660ti, i7 2600k processor, 8gb ram. im unsure of what else you might need to know.

ive also heard a couple of other people have had a similiar problem, all after new update also.