Rust crash to blue/back screen and graphical errors.

When loading I crash to this screen ( or this ( and have blue graphical errors with trees for the short time I am in game.
Any help would be appreciated.
EDIT: I have:
Installed VCRedist
Installed .NET Framework 3.5 and 4
Updated DirectX
reinstalled unity
-Still not working

Sounds like you may need to go to the unity site, look for a fix? Or you can pm me your key?! :smiley:

what are you going to do with a key thats already been used?

Anyone have something useful to say?

Have you tryed diffrent browser?

Maybe graphic driver problem?

If its Windows 7 try running the browser as administrator. It can be picky like that sometimes about administrative privileges.

Also try clearing all history/cookies/cache/temp files/ect. Temp files can be located in “C:/users/“name”/appdata/local/temp”, and “C:/Windows/Temp”.

Try going here C:\Users"name\AppData\Local\Unity\WebPlayer" and running that uninstaller as well.

You could try updating/rolling back drivers, especially if you’re using a beta driver :slight_smile:

People like you need to just leave.

Most useful post thank you, should I delete everything in that folder?

I am currently running the GeForce 320.49 drivers, Im not sure if they are beta drivers but I can’t seem to downgrade them through GeForce experience application. Any ideas?

Were you able to get it working and start playing yet?

Deleting every file in those temporary directories will not hurt anything. Files are put there to make accessing webpages and other programs faster and easier and over time it can get full or corrupt. Files that are in use can’t be deleted so just hit ignore or skip on those.

No sir, I’ve cleared all my temp files and have downgraded from the beta drivers but I think I might try 1 more driver downgrade then I have no idea :frowning:

Have you tried switching browsers? How about computers? See if it’s your computer that has the problem or if it’s your account.

What are your computer’s specs?

If you have an integrated video card on your motherboard you could try using that just for troubleshooting purposes. Go to device manager and disable your Nvidia card and then try launching the game and see what happens. If it gets further, or even lets you in game than it must be a driver problem with your Nvidia card. Ill keep thinking of any other solutions to try in the meantime. Good luck.

Also you should try what others have suggested and try a different browser, or you can go to your browser add ons and disable everything but Unity Player because it could be an add on like popup blocker or something interfering with it.