Rust crash

I bought Rust yesterday and then this happens
When I want to launch it, there comes a screen if i want to launch it with ‘play rust’ or ‘Rust Direct X9’.
With ‘play rust’ nothing happens and with ‘Rust Direct X9’ I get the loading screen of the game and then it shuts itself off after the EasyAntiCheat is loaded.
I also reinstalled windows, reinstalled the game also.

My Rust is not responding and soon after he leaves the game

I hope i did not just pay for an game that i cant play, I’m installing win 10 and imma see if this fixes anything

Update: Before i installed windows 10 i deleted it from windows 7 and installed win 10 and redownloaded it from steam and now its working :)))

Glad you are on board Wrekzz! :slight_smile: