Rust crashes after a few minutes ingame

Rust seems to be crashing after a few minutes ingame since the last update… normally when in combat but often not.

The game’s crashing instantly with no error message or log. Haven’t a clue why. I’ve tried updating my graphics drivers, i’ve re-installed steam, i’ve even put new thermal paste on my CPU. Anyone any ideas?

My specs are:

Windows 10
Core i5-3570k @ 3.4ghz
AMD Radeon R9 270 2G
16GB DDR3 ram

Possibly try reinstalling the game, run in lower settings. My mate is having the same issue, try different solutions and make a list here.

Ok so list of things i’ve tried:

Graphics Drivers update
Turn down graphics
Re-install Steam

Now trying to re-install the game…

me either, i guess all gpu amd r9 series have same issue here.
its been 8 days since last time i play rust normally and facepunch still didnt fix this

Tried a clean install of the game… Went strong for a while then I started dropping a significant amount of frames before crash…

My frame rate is good no issues there its just the constant crashing that is pissing me off.

Try rolling back a few drivers, seen a few posts that updating to the latest amd drivers have caused alsorts of problems in rust. Updating drivers isn’t always the solution, sometimes it’s actually the problem, especially in early access games I’ve noticed.

Same here. Running an R9 380 and I get a black screen of death crash if I run any graphics setting above “fastest”.

so after doing everything bar buying a new GPU nothing worked…EXCEPT! playing rust in DX9…was able to play for 2 hours with no crashes and only just got off because its 3am… Dunno if they helps narrow the issue down due to a driver issue with DX12 or not but launching rust in DX9 seems to work for me at least


It seems malwarebytes was causing my crash… while it’s not ideal to have to run Rust with it off it’s fixed the crash.

I tried dx 9 and this has also fixed the issue for me, 11 hours straight playing and no crashes. Thank fuck I can play rust again this issue had been driving me mad.


Was able to play for pretty much an entire day, but still crashing…

Yup dx9 is the way to get around the issue 22 hours in 2 days played and not a single crash where as before it was crashing every minute.

I’m facing the same problem, my card is a 380X. Many people with a R9 380 series GPU are getting this problem.

As I already said just run the game in dx9 and it will be fine.

Try windows 7. I play on windows 7 and it works fine.

NOPE, i use 7,8.1, and now 10 and still fuckin crashed