Rust crashes on startup, then I can't run any programs (Can't end process of steam/rust)


I updated and played the new rust for the first time yesterday. Everything ran fine until I had to relog. Once I relogged and pressed play for rust, rust loads for a second, crashes, steam gets greyed out (non responsive), and I can’t run any programs that wasn’t already opened before the crash… NO programs at all, not just steam related ones. This issues continues until I restart my computer and even trying to restart I have to manually shut it down because it gets stuck on shutdown. Every other game works perfectly on steam except rust. A solution (kind of) is the verify the game cache then it will launch after I restart steam, otherwise I get the bug and have to restart my comp. Anyone else have this problem / found a solution?

Thanks so much,

P.S. End task doesn’t work for rust OR steam while this bug is happening. Restart in mandatory.

Others players have been experiencing the same thing, several threads on the forum about it.

One of the solutions if I recall correct, was in order to get everything to close down properly when stopping the game is to Alt + F4 out of the game.

Thank you Saxxoo - I’ll try that. Is there any other permanent solution that anyone knows? Cause even with that if my game freezes or anything I’ll have to restart my entire computer

I have the same problem. I log out of the server and then Alt F4 to close and it seems to keep the computer from flipping out.

It’s awkward because I don’t see any kind of secondary app or service causing it (except Rust lol)… I have to force reboot the computer everytime. Tried alt+f4’ing the game, force closing it or the Steam, but nothing works.

I hope it gets fixed soon, it’s annoying! :frown:

I’ve been playing on Legacy and had a big server until some days ago, then I decided to try out the Experimental version again and boom, it’s waaaay more freaking awesum now! Even better than Legacy imo now!

I wanted to say “bye bye” to Legacy, once for all, and “move” my server to the Experimental version, but then this issue started happening. :frowning: