Rust crashes on startup when launch commands are used!! Please help!!

So, I used to play rust with the launch commands -force-d3d11 and -force-feature-level-9-3, this result in framerates above 60 at all times. Since those times rust has been uninstalled, however i recently started playing again, yet these launch commands cause the game to crash on start-up, i have tried -force-opengl and -force-d3d9 and all the other force feature things. I am thinking this may be due to a windows 8.1 update or a system restore that i did. Any help regarding getting these launch commands to work would be greatly appreciated.

Those launch options aren’t supported at all. The devs are not going to do anything to fix crashes caused by forcing weirdass feature sublevels of DirectX.

What you are actually doing is forcing the renderer to run in a strange configuration, and basically glitching Rust out. The side benefit of this was that it’d improve frame rates dramatically, but it screwed the sky up under the old sky system.

The sky system has been completely replaced, so it’s not a surprise if that’s what is breaking when you use unsupported launch options.

The new sky, as well as grass, should perform better. There are also a few new graphics options in the console for turning down/off features, like SSAO.

Thanks for your reply, however i understand what these launch commands do, but i was previously using these when the new sky was implemented with no problems or sky glitch ( the one with the repeating image of what you last saw thing), and i am just confused as to why these launch commands do not work anymore when seemingly very little has changed and they still work fine for others i know? Although i guess if they dont work they dont work, and id much rather devs spent their time actually improving the game (performance and feature wise) rather then wasting their time on supporting odd launch commands i guess. Although i still find it somewhat inconvenient, i can still play the game, just at 720p ill just have to live with it till either my pc or the game improves.

I don’t mess with them myself, and you won’t get official support, but someone might figure something out.

Are your graphics drivers up to date?