Rust crashes on startup

When I start Rust, it loads and crashes after some seconds for no reason.
I can ignore the error I get and use the menu. I can (try to) join servers, entering the config area, everything seems fine, but If I try to join a server,
Rust just crashes. (Window goes white If I press somewhere)

Remember the error appears on every startup.

I tried to…
… reinstall the whole game
… validate all files
… use several fixes which I found on the internet (nothing worked)


I hope I posted in the right section.

Thanks in advance!


I found out that the crash is caused by my headset. I have to unplug it and then I can start the game without any error / crash.
Problem is that I can’t hear ingame sounds because you would have to restart the game to (re-)enable the headphone.

Any fixes?