Rust Crashes/Overheats my radeon 7970?

so if i play rust for awhile, my 7970 begins to crash over and over again and i have to restart my pc, only for it to crash seconds later. and it only happens on rust. any suggestions?

This is why i stopped buying radeon. Certain games would cause issues with overheating. The last radeon i bought i replaced the fan with super fan that fixed alot of issues, but i still had graphic glitches in world of warcraft. I think it was an after effect of overheating so many times

I have a 7970 and it doesnt over heat. Think it maxes out around 60-65 celcius. It does get pretty low fps in rust tho. Average about 50-60
Update ur drivers etc. Turn vsync on

R9 280X (almost the same as the 7970) crossfire here, no crashing. Including multiple occasions when Rust was running for more than 24 hours straight.

Do you monitor your temperatures? I use MSI Afterburner to display an overlay with information such as my framerate and GPU temps. You may wish to try that to see if there is a correlation. It’s not obvious how to enable the overlay.

mine will run in the 90’s celsius, i had to put a box fan on the thing.

I Have AMD Radeon 7970, Mine goes around 70-80 ONLY on rust, and after i’ve played a while, it overheats and my screen turns off.

This game doesn’t have a frame cap limit, its making your card work as hard as it can. So watch your temperatures.

if you’re running on nvidia, you can force vsync by managing the 3d settings in the nvidia control panel. dunno if any other cards have a control panel but the force vsync capped rust at 60 fps instead of the 180 or so it was at before hand.

MSI Afterburner also includes a framerate limiter. It can be used with non-MSI nvidia and AMD hardware.

I turned vsync on, on AMD Catalyst center, but i dont think it worked so well… - But i can play this game when i downclocked a my Graphics card a little, and then making 100% fans speed.

HD 5850 and I can play on max. settings forever.

I have a watercooled 7970 Matrix. Before the watercooler i had the stock cooler DC2.-> 73° all the time but no resets.

Now it’s 48° :smiley:

A graphics card should be able to hold continuous 100% load over extended periods of time without overheating, EVER.

Does not matter what you play, 100% is 100% so rust cant do anymore than any other game. Set a fan profile, RMA your card, downclock to stock.

They should NEVER overheat!

ive downclocked it, limited the fps, and set fans to 100% and it will hit around 60-65 before crashing. any ideas?

Is it overclocked? Or is your Driver up to date?
Has every component of your GPU contact with the cooling pieces?

V sync doesnt work for me in the amd ccc. Only for rust :s

GTX 690 ftw

Try to get the V sync option turned on at the hardware level instead of in game, i don’t think they have V sync enabled yet in rust.

yeah i turn vsync on and still it crashes.

there is no vsync option ingame thats why i said i tried enableing it in the catalyst control centre…