Rust crashes when I join a server (Mac OSX)


I just bought Rust but when I join a server, it’s crashes. I hear sound of the wind but that’s all, just a black screen and when I “cmd+tab/alt+tab” the Rush icon is very slow.

It doesn’t give any (error) messages that’s crashed.

How can I fix this? I really want to play the game!

I own a Macbook Pro Retina, so it should work?


not to be rude but read the other forums posts and read the stuff on before posting stuff like this.

I’ve read all of this, but it don’t seems to work. Also I can’t change my resolution anymore. That’s why I’ve posted this thread

SineMus… I can’t play on OsX either atm, the previous update ruined it. So I switched to BootCamp and started playing in Windows. This kind of flexibility is why Macs are just so worth it.