Rust crashes with error

Hey guys,

bought rust but can’t play it. after joining a server the game is freezing and finaly crashing. i got this gaming pc:

Dual Geforce GTX 295
Intel® Core ™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
Windows 8.1 Pro

i have installed the newest drivers but it’s still not working.

sometimes my pc is crashing with this errors:

(ingame) “Fps is skipped…” because driver stopped or something like that and sometimes i get bluescreen with: VIDEO_TDR failure nvlddmkm.sys

so what do to?

i think you need to upgrade your graphics card to the new Intel HD4000 to get no network lag

What wattage of power supply is in your machine, newnewxxl?

i have geforce gtx 295, that’s not working with intel hd4000

i got POWER LC8850, that’s 850 Watt.

Try making sure Rust is only using one of your cards, not both.

And, xEnt22 is screwing with you. Intel HD Graphics 4000 runs Rust about as well as a pig does calculus.

how to make it use only one card?

I don’t have an SLI setup so I don’t exactly know, but it should be in the Nvidia Control Panel.

If not, download Nvidia Inspector (a useful third-party tool), and create a profile for Rust. One of the options in the profile is SLI, and one of the options in the drop-down will be “no” or “off” or “false”, basically setting Rust not to use both cards.

so i should deactivate SLI ?

edit: still not working

Try downgrading one version in the drivers, because the BSOD error you describe is typically associated with graphics drivers crashing, and nobody else has reported this exact problem that I’ve seen.

This problem is happening to alot of other nvidia users also. Most people and game support techies are clueless (gotta love those fresh outa school grads).
Only solution is to keep trying older driver versions until you get to one that no longer crashes your PC.
Make sure you remove the existing ones each time you install an older set.

You talking about me?

i tried now 2 older drivers but still same problem … other games works fine

i reinstalled windows but still the same problem… is there no patch man? i bought this game for 18,99€

oh yeah we all bought this game for 0,99€ :v:

would a new graphic card do it?

I don’t think unless your GPU is defective you should not have to replace it, My friends plays Rust with a GTX 260 max core just fine.

Things that could cause your issue

Incorrect memory timings or voltages
Insufficient/problematic PSU
Corrupt driver install
Unstable overclocks (GPU or CPU)
Incorrect MB voltages (generally NB/SB)
Faulty graphics card
A badly written driver or piece of software, but this is an unlikely cause in most cases
Driver conflicts

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Also you can try

Turn computer off unplug power cord.

Remove your GPU from your computer, turn the computer back on uninstall all Nvidia drivers. Turn the computer off and reinstall the GPU make sure all power connections are nice and tight and the GPU is installed all the way into the pci slot.

Turn computer back on and windows will install a driver. Try to run Rust if still crashes install latest NVIDIA driver. Also make sure you installed chipset drivers for your motherboard after you reinstalled windows.

Which is

now i found the problem… its only crashing if i install a nvidia driver… now i got the version Microsoft Corporation WDDM v1.1 from year 2009 and can’t use SLI with it … can the developers fix that problem?