Rust Crashing Immediately after StartUp

SO after doing the previous update (24mb i think) as soon as i click on play rust the screen goes fullscreen, black, then the mac’s loading icon comes on and the game crashes.
I have tried verifying the game, made sure i wasn’t in beta etc etc.
Legacy works fine for me, but experimental (new rust) isn’t working at all. i was on it for half an hour earlier, then i was kicked off to do the update, did it and now this.
really annoying, all help would be great.

Fix this i am Mad !!! And using Mac too

I am also on a Mac and also getting the “updating Rust” >> black screen >> crash, and I have also tried verifying the game. My friends are on windows and they experienced the same problem the first couple of tries but then it eventually pushed through but for me it just refuses to.