Rust crashing my 6850. NOT OVERHEATING, read please

So here it is: I am running a Sapphire HD6850 which runs many many games just fine at max settings and 60 fps. I can also run Rust at 60 fps on the max settings, but after about 20-30 minutes both of my monitors will go black: here’s the kicker, I can hear my skype and the rest of my computer functions just fine which leads one to think that my video card drivers go to shit.

Most people would say it’s overheating at this point–but it’s not. My temps on my card at this point are around ~65 deg C. I ran FurMark many times (a benchmark test that loads your GPU) and the card gets to 75 deg C just fine.

I have played other games as well with these same drivers and they run just fine (BF3, Deadspace, GTA etc).

What’s the dealio? What can I do to fix this?

I have tried grass.on = FALSE just in case. Doesn’t seem to help at all.

I’d really like to play this game, but at this point I just want my money back…I can’t play for 10-15 minutes before it shits out on me and I have to restart.

This has to be a driver or card specific issue for Rust…I just don’t know what to do.

Bump? I’ve seen some other people having this issue…but still not resolution. What can I do to get this fixed?

This is happening to me as well on my R9 290. VERY ANNOYING!

Same exact thing happening and it can vary from time to time, sometimes I can play 2+ hours with nothing, sometimes 5 minutes. Very strange indeed. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah, definitely in the same situation. I’m not exactly sure if it’s relevant, but every now and then my console is spammed with some errors specific to Unity3D I think. I tried the whole grass.on false thing, to no avail.

Yeah I always turn grass off. Just to see sleepers easier :stuck_out_tongue:

are you sure it isn’t overheating?

i’m asking because benchmark tests doesn’t always give the right picture…
for example - my fan on my default 6950 cooler stopped working few days back, and since then i’m messing about… i put 3 fans on that cooler (but main central one is smaller and slower than original one), and i have one old zalman gpu cooler… so last 2 days i was trying everything to keep temps below 80c and be able to play…

thing is when i was testing with unigine valley bencmark (or something like that, i0m bad with names :slight_smile: even though he put gpu at 100%, every scene he changes, while he loads next one, there is time when gpu usage drops and gpu manage to cool just a little bit…

while in rust is different, and game is pretty much always at full usage and constant rendering ans such…

finally i undervolt and underclocked my graphic card, but still it goes to 80c when in full load, and some temps in gpu-z says over 100…

so today i was trying to reduce gpu load ingame, and had some success…

i basically followed some advices from this thread:

and disable that rendering stuff, and trees… grass is off and that replacement and all others…
result is usage is little lower, when in static place it goes down to 80ish%… but when i’m let’s say on top of my house, looking huge part of map, then usage goes near 100 and temps go up…
even though… while playing it goes up to some 73c…
i just closed game to try and cap fps to 60 and see if there is difference…

i forget to say - game looks like shit now :slight_smile: but till new cooler come it’s enough :=

so, run msi afterburner or some other realtime temp monitoring and see what is happening…

although, yeah… doesn’t seem like overheating problem, but just in case…

It’s not overheating the R9 temps are safe at 95 and I’m nowhere near that :confused:

Guess I’ll try capping my fps and see what happens.

I use Sapphire Trixxx to monitor my temps on a second monitor while rust is running. Temps are around 55-65 C just before both monitors turn black.

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I tried capping my fps as well to no avail.

Weird forcing vsync not working for me :confused:

Doesn’t seem to do anything anyways.

Would love to hear from more people on this!

I mentioned I tried capping my fps, but apparently my catalyst control center isn’t actually capping it. My fps is running around 110 in game–are there any other programs that I can use to force the cap?

Tried the same with CCC, put vsync to always on but still running at 110-120 in game. 350 in main menu. Not sure about 3rd party programs for fps capping.

Okay. I am using a program called RadeonPro to force vsync. Will try it out and report back.

EDIT: It is forcing 60fps. Will report back to let you guys know if this helps out in crashing or not.

Let me know man! Waiting on that reply

vsync and limiting fps isn’t the same thing…

not every game can vsync, and rust apparently cannot…

but you can limit with msi afterburner very easy (with rivatuner part of the program)…
i limited before to try and reduce load and it work well…

So far it’s working well for me with capping at 60 and all of the settings from that post Kudaaa gave.

Have you tried kicking your computer really hard?

Tried limiting my fps, still crashed after about 60 minutes. Card was not running hot at all. This stinks :frowning: Wanna play rust!

You haven’t done any debugging yet.

This can be caused by many diffrent issues. Get HWMonitor to monitor your entire computer’s temps, voltages and fan speeds. Post back the result after playing for a little while.

Post your entire computer specs aswell as power supply wattage. This can be because your GPU isn’t getting enough power from the power supply. If you’ve overclocked any hardware in your PC, try downclock it to standard clock and have another go at the game.

Will post the results tomorrow but I doubt it’s my PSU, why would this be the only game affecting me in this way? I’m running games way more demanding then this one fine.

I5 2500k OC’d 4.2ghz
ATI R9 290 sapphire stock
8 gigs ram
PSU 700 watt
Windows 64 bit
Sabertooth P67 MB

I ended up running the game last night for about 4.5 hours without any issues. Something helped out–I’ll let you guys know if I run into any other issues as well or if it works still.