Rust Crashing my entire computer when loading into a server!

Since the update iv only managed to load into a server once out of 8 times.

The other times i try to load in, it goes fine until i get to “Loading terrain textures”. As soon as this happens i hear a interference humming like sound for 3 seconds. After this, all my sound stops working and my computer just locks up, i cannot move my mouse. Alt-f4 or any sort of force shutdown does not work. I have to restart my computer by the power button. Any help?

**EDIT: **Iv also tried running the game in both borderless fullscreen and windowed mode, Neither change anything. I have nothing else running in the background other than teamspeak.

**EDIT2: ** Also noticed rust is using 4.6GB of ram

I got exactly same problem. It doesn’t freeze tho, if you wait long enough, it will “un-stuck”. But probbably same as for me, you just gonna get “Disconnected: timed out”. Anyways, haven’t found a fix. What you can try tho, is to turn on game, type into console “terrain.pvt false” and try joining.

Anyways, if you’ll find a fix, let me know.