Rust crashing randomly when trying to connect to a server


I brought rust yesterday and have been trying to get it working all day, originally I had a error that was due to something, forgot how I fixed it

Currently I am getting an error, either to do with Rustclient.exe or Raknet.dll, both stating
RustClient.exe(or Raknet.dll) caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

I’ll attach the error.log and output log files

tends to be dodgy modem settings, something actively blocking EAC or security settings. there are a few threads with suggestions on how to fix it, but i’d start by restarting both your modem and computer, and ensuring your antivirus/firewall is not blocking EAC.

I don’t have an EAC block or error, that’s fine, I’ve read a few threads suggesting it’s either audio, or firewall/av, but for me it can’t be that. This is so frustrating.

what are your specs?

the access violation error tends to be rust trying to access memory already attributed to something else, so either there may be some corruption/fragmentation going on, or you may be running out of memory.