Rust crashing when joining server

So everytime i join a server it loading for about 5-10 mins then crashes or just freezes then pops up a message saying game crashes and closes please help fix it!

What are your system specs?

Ram: 4.00gb(2.99)gb usable
intel® core ™ 13cpu m 380 @2.53 ghz
windows 7

32-bit is your problem, a 32bit os can’t read more then 4gb, and it also reserves around 700-800mbs for the os and other system tasks so you really only get 3.3gbs max.
The minimum specs for rust is 8gb, some people can get away with only having 4gb, but that would be on a 64bit os, I’ve never heard of anyone being able to play rust on a 32bit os.