Rust crashing

Couldnt find a solution online because the title is similar to the old issue involving Alt Tab ( intentional ) followed by a crash. Anyways, played the game for years without issues, the only difference being installing Apex Legends and modifing Nvidia to try and fix Device Hung error ( not connected to this ). Since then I had reverted the changes from Nvidia, tried reinstalling Rust with no avail. Tried running steam as administrator but it didnt help. How it happens: I join a server and within a few minutes the game Alt Tabs, during this time I can hear the game in the background, after a few minutes the game crashes without an error showing up. Tried using Ctrl Alt Del to try and end process on rust to speed things up, the mouse slows down to the point of it skipping frames, can bearly get to the processes window, usually the game crashes before I can end it. More info: the only things running are Rust and steam. In any case I would love to keep playing and could use help to solve the issue. Ty for reading

Also tried -fullscreen and validating files

Check this pinned message out, bottom part