rust cupboard

well hi everyone i got a question if i place cupboard and i authorize my selve it show in my screen it passive building so anyone can build their or only me and should it be building block or passive so only me can buld

i am confused plz need hlep ,thx
sorry for my bad eng if there was a grammar mistake

Building privilege is granted to anyone authorized on the cupboard. The coverage area is dependent on where/how it is placed. It’s a dome, not a sphere.

thx , so is there any way so i can whitelist my selves so i if i want to build don’t have to go to cupboard

Once you are authorized on a cupboard, you can build within it’s coverage radius. Only if someone clears the authorization list would you be blocked from building.

You sound confused. The only way someone will get permission is if they can acess your cupboard, the building privillages you see are for you only.