~RUST~ Custom Gamemode RP

Hey guys, first time doing this forum stuff but I was really bored one day and decided to create a custom game mode for the game “Rust” some people can try following. It’s not an in-game option it’s just some text you guys might be able to follow. Anyways, check it out!

RUST: Stereotype gamemode

Stereotype #1: Survivor

Bio: You are an everyday survivor, unlucky enough to get caught up in this living hell. You do what you can to survive, wether it’s working as a team, going alone, or murdering to survive. You build when you can and you stock up any supplies you come accross. It’s your decision to loot, kill, or run!

Challenge: no challenge

Stereotype #2: Caretaker

Bio: Teamwork is your best friend, and your best factor. You make peace with other individuals and share whatever you can scrap up. Building shelter’s for you and your friends is a hobby and try to make everything even as possible. A true hero!

Challenge: No stealing, No Raiding, Murder can only be used in self-defense

Stereotype #3: Bandit

Bio: You care for yourself, and noone else. You kill for a hobby and steal from anyone. Nobody likes you and you could care less. Sometimes, you can take it up a notch and get a few of your bandit buddies to make youself an unstoppable force of killing machines. You’re a scary one!

Challenge: You must kill on sight (if you have any type of advantage), You can only group with other bandits

Stereotype #4: Independant

Bio: Talk about socially awkward! You’re not the one to speak to others and have no interest with any human contact. When seeing someone else, you vanish! You’re the ghost of the world and steal when the time is right! If you make close contact with someone accidentally, you can attack in self-defense or you can run as fast as you can to safety. You’re on your own buddy!

Challenge: No contact with anyone, try not to be seen by others

Well, I normally play as a Caretaker, simply because it is the best person to be. You don’t get hate, and you make friends with everyone.

I usually am too, otherwise i’m an independent. Some people I know when to back off.

I prefer to play as a person. It’s where I exercise my freewill to do whatever I want to do in the moment.