Rust Deathmatch Idea/Server

I have an idea about a new type of mod/server for rust. Everything is the same except the starting items you spawn with.

If you are sick of gathering resources and losing it all please support me!

The server is all about PvP, and not so much of building and looting.

You spawn with these items:

Full Leather Armor
** 3 small med kits**
48 556 Ammo
2 large med kits
Stone Hatchet
**8 Cooked chicken **

The idea is to go around killing everyone. If you want instant action this is your type of server.

If i can find a host who can do the custom load outs and the server will be a success.

This isn’t a deathmatch game, if you want this to happen, go host a server.

This server is for those who wants instant action. And not waste 30 minutes gathering resources to build a weapon.

You’re missing the point of a survival game… Why not get something fitting to your liking, like cod.

The mod has survival aspect with it, You can still build up and survive. But you got a little boost with it.

I’m not going to hate. I’d really like a PvP server. But with a little more load out. I want to be able to practice killing someone in defense and offense and get great at it rather than play for 4 hours straight, get caught off guard, make my blood pressure go out the roof cause I’ve never fought pvp in this game, then horrible fail while trying to kill him with a bow and arrow.

Very true, It’s a good way to sharpen your skills at combat and have some fun with your friends.

I support this idea.

I like it for the practice aspect. This game is VERY hard to get used to as far as the shooting and weapon recoils are concerned (when compared with other games) because the only time you shoot really is when you are probably about to die. At least in my experience.

So, apart from the starting spawn items, how will this be different from any other Rust server?

I’d like the idea of a server with a dedicated arena. Imagine if people could make bets on fighters… :slight_smile:

I would totally play a server like this. Far too often I’ve been playing friendly and haven’t gotten the chance to practice my PvP abilities and I don’t want to start by killing innocents or bambis.

my first mod was actually like this. a friend made a huge arena with areas you can respawn in it. and when you login or die, you get sent to an area wearing full kev and m4 and just battle it out!

This has been done!


I put more info on their stuff in a thread earlier, here:

Their rust server list here too:

We have the Thunderdome on our server.