Rust defualt branch fails to save/load on reboot

Hello, Ive noticed a bunch of complaints about rust default branches failing to save/load when the server reboots. has anyone else experienced this?

At first we believed the issue was related to -load missing from the start up command but im not even sure if that’s the cause anymore. Lets get to the bottom of this.

post your launch arguments (batch file)

This particular one is running 1144

-load -batchmode +server.ip +server.port xxxxx +server.level “Procedural Map” +server.seed 1419096 +server.maxplayers 50 +server.hostname “Server Name” +server.identity “xxxxx” +rcon.ip +rcon.port 28018 +rcon.password xxxxxxx

Just for testing’s sake, try moving -load to just before you begin setting the +rcon parameters.