Rust Developers Recently VAC Banned?

Hello Community,

I’m Admin on a rust server of the name of VX. I recently banned a person roughly 3-4 hours ago for hacking. He claimed he was a rust dev testing hacks, he super jumped right infront of my face unknowing I was the admin. I banned him and 3 hours later I get a message from another admin telling me to unban him saying he was VAC banned (which didnt make sense since I can’t unVAC ban someone). I asked him who the guy was and he said a DEV of Rust. He refused to give me his username and any proof showing he was a Dev. When the guy was online he was talking, he sounded 15 but I forgot his username. Mainly I need to show that I am correct the kid wasn’t a dev of rust threatening to VAC ban me so I can get this other admin de-ranked for defending a hacker trying to bring him back onto the server.

Why this matters, I banned the other admin for defending a hacker etc etc. Now I need to show the owner of the server(who is on vacation for 2 weeks) that I didnt abuse my powers.
So if anyone has a list of dev names(steam usernames) that’d be great, or any proof that I was correct.

It wasn’t a dev.

Exactly, but knowing the other admin, he’s going to lie to save his own ass. I need evidence or something

What evidence do you need lol the guy was fucking lying to you, he’s not a rust dev.

Facepunch is not gonna give you a list of their Rust Developers either.

You already have your proof, why would any dev be testing hacks? Even if they needed to test them in-game for some odd reason, why do it in a public VAC protected server? And why would he ask you, a server admin to unban him from a VAC ban?

Also if he’s VAC banned, just tell the owner of the server that you banned him and tell him to check the list of “Banned Users” and check the “most recent” banned users. Tell the owner that he was hacking so you banned him. VAC later banned him so now he can’t join any other servers.

I’d say your story pretty much explains itself. Devs aren’t going to use hacks, let alone on public servers. I’m pretty confident none of them will sound 15 over voicechat. They also know that server admins don’t apply VAC bans, and that they can’t lift them either. Devs can’t issue VAC bans because the system is automated and devs don’t work for Steam.

That’s pretty much all the proof you need.

Thank you guys, this is all I needed. I just needed multiple account responses.

If VAC banned him, Valve themselves decided he’s hacking and banned, and you had nothing to do with it. He can go get fucked.

He’s not a dev. Garry would never hire someone that stupid.

>Would never hire someone that stupid
>Next week comes with a public apology when it is discovered that the Omega hack was made by a Rust developer.


Be smarter as an admin.

Shift-Tab will open your steam menu which allows you to view players. Look at that players name, grab his steamID.

As far as the other admin goes, if you want to make a strong point just look through his friends list and begin to find his connection to the previous “dev” tester.

You don’t. Even if he was a dev, if he got VAC’d well tough shit for him.