Rust District [1/2 Craft] [Sleepers] [Oxide] [No Craftable C4]

Welcome, everybody, to Rust District.
Rust District is a new Rust network opening.

You can visit our website and community forums at

We will be opening a Teamspeak server soon - hosted on our dedicated server.
When server files are released for Rust we will be hosting the server on our dedicated server, along with all other server assets.

Currently the server has two administrators - myself (BazzBerry), and Morris. We are both extremely active and act in utmost professionalism.

The server does not allow C4 to be crafted.
Crafting times are cut in half.
We are running Oxide, which allows us to implement custom plugins on the server.

We have some neat ideas for plugins, and we will likely be opening multiple Rust servers to cater to different peoples needs and wants.

We hope to see you all very soon, and we look forward to surviving with you!

You can connect by entering the following into your console:


With kind regards,

Will be doing a giveaway for a free copy of Rust.

Only thing that is required of you is to be active on the server and registered on the forums.

If you don’t need a copy of rust (i.e you have no friends that’d be willing to play with you), you will be able to pick a different game of equal value.

If you have any friends that play Rust, please, invite them! You’ll help us reach our goal sooner and will help yourself potentially win a free game! :slight_smile:

We’re low population at the moment, so now’s a good time to get on and get geared up!