Rust does not launch for me. Can anybody help?

Hi, I’ve had this game for a little over a week now, and I haven’t once been able to launch the game. I’ve tried a number of things, including uninstalling and reinstalling the game, disabling anti-virus, verifying the game cache, setting the launch options to “-force-d3d11”, running as administrator, restarting my laptop, restarting steam, and probably several other things I’m forgetting to mention. My computer is not ancient or anything, I have a Dell XPS with Win 7, so I really don’t think it is that. I’m thinking that this is a bug that hasn’t been fixed or tended to yet, and it does seem that a select few of other people are having similar issues. I haven’t been able to find a solution yet though obviously, so I figured I’d try here. I did submit a ticket to facepunch also. About a week ago or so, but I haven’t heard back, so I’ve pretty much just had to resort to checking the steam forums. Also, I want to mention that I do not even see the facepunch logo upon my attempts to launch the game, it just completely refuses to launch after I click ‘play game’, or even when I try to just run the .exe from the install folder. It doesn’t even show up in processes. If anyone has any suggestions for me to try at all, I’d be eternally grateful. I would really love to play the game, it seems very cool. Thanks in advance.

Having the same problem, rust won’t launch at all, not even showing the launcher where you can select the resolution or windowed mode.