Rust Does Not Load Properly on Windows 10!!!

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I updated to Windows 10 and everything was fine until I tried loading up Rust. It loads fine until it gets to Loading Items and then it completely freezes, can someone tell me how to fix this but in my words I think the game needs a patch to fix this current problem, hopefully it will be fixed today because it is Thursday and that’s when the game gets updated, right?! All my other steam games work fine sooo :stuck_out_tongue: Mabey its because of the new DirectX 12??? Could be the OS its self, I don’t know :L

~Drew Tavares AKA TheBlackGamerXD

I used Windows 10 several weeks and until now I had no problems.

I like how as this thread is created it bumps a post related to it to the next page of the Rust Forum. You literally hid exactly what you needed.

I have also updated to Windows 10 and i have no issues. so possibly the issue is with your computer

update your video drivers

OP is your original os win8? A buddy of mine upgraded to win10 from win8 and has had nothing but issues. Even the microsoft support techs he had remote in could not fix what it did to his system. I read that some 8to10 conversions have issues. Win7 not so much. Just curious as you never stated what your native os was.

I can’t understand why folks would upgrade their computer to a new OS on the first day of release unless it’s on a extra system they have. I’m personally going to give it a couple months til they get the bugs worked out. MS is not paying me to be a beta tester! You’ve got a year to activate under the free upgrade, why hurry it? I can live with DX11 for a while more…