Rust does not work w/ steam

Hello together,
I’ve played Rust since the first version, and I had never any problems, but now after about one year, and a lot of updates (and Months I hadn’t played), i’m not able to start it any more, couse’ when i try to start it via Steam, the little window which says ‘Rust is starting’ comes up,but after that, it closes, and isnt even in the Task Manager. And if i try to start it directly from the path, it doesn’t start the anti Hack, so i can’t join any servers.
I’ve tried multiple things, like deleting Rust, new installation, etc., but it hasn’t done Anything.
So my question is, how can i fix it ?
(sorry for the bad english im german :))
Thanks for answears.

suggest posting your computers specs:)

Processor: Intel Core I5-4570 3.20GHZ
RAM: 8Gb kingston
Graphics Card:Gtx 550ti
Mainboard:MSI Z87 G45 Gaming

I Have the same problem

You have to agree to the anti hack program when you DL rust. If you didnt agree it did not install it and that is why you cant get on servers.

I would uninstall and redownload.