Rust++ Doesnt Support DropParty

After trying to install DropParty on my Rust++ server I finally asked my host what I was doing wrong, and why they wouldnt work togethor. I was informed that Rust++ nolonger used leather and now uses its own framework/library. How does Rust Essentials compare, and does it give me the ability to modify loot tables?

I’d like to avoid Oxide because personally I dont like relying on an assortment of plugins all created by various authors, with how quickly Rust is growing and expanding I dont want to have to worry about individually updating 10 different plugins, when I can just update an entire mod such as Rust++ or Rust Essentials.

We switched to our own Framework but it can be run along side with any Leather mod that doesnt use the chat class.

So DropParty is still compatible with Rust++? I apoligize if what I said before was incorrect, I just passed along what the Nitrous-Networks staff said to me.

Well, I am running it right now on my development server, so I think it works fine :slight_smile:

If you get more troubles ask Nitrous for your Output log file and send it to me.

I’ve submitted a ticket requesting the log now, but in the meantime maybe I’ve installed the mod incorrectly. To clarify, I add the Leather.cfg and LeatherLoader to my “rust_server_Data” folder, cook the “mainData” file with Furnace, add the cooked “mainData” file back to my “rust_server_Data” folder, and add “DropParty_mod” and the “config” folder to the mods folder in “rust_server_Data”?

bump, still looking for a little help on the topic