Rust don't open

I bought the rust for a long time, and it worked perfectly, smooth, no lag, but after the last update, on 01/24/2014, he would no longer open.

I started the game, and he fought in the gray screen with the logo of facepunch studios, and gave no sign of life, searched and told me it was to download the Visual C + + Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 I downloaded and nothing happened.

I just read on a forum that he was having the same problem, but after reinstalling the game worked as it existed corrupted files, I happily thinking he had solved the problem, reinstalled the game on steam. I opened the game, and he stopped responding on gray screen, which was normal, but after a few seconds the game closes, and this continued in my last 10 attempts.

I really want to play rust, I have friends who recently bought for my sake, for we play together, but unfortunately I can not.
I hope to solve my problem.

when reporting problems like these its always best if you please give us your system Specs thats way its a better understanding on diagnosing what the problem is

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Intel Core Duo E4500 2.20 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT

Sorry for not having thought of it before.

your joking right ?

yeah you defo need a hardware upgrade on all fronts , for stats windows 7 takes up around 700MB’s-1.2GB’s of ram to run menaing your at your bare bones

9800GT is really really outdated all tho its okey and some say its still pretty good , with what those cards are known for Overheating issues etc its just going to cause more problems

and dat processor

You tried to help, but apparently doesn’t understand anything anyway.

As I’m not stupid, I sought the answer yourself, and I ended up finding was only restart the computer, very simple.

Ever thought if I have done an upgrade on my computer without needing? Please, next time, just try to help if you know, if not can end up worsening.

hahaa lol get owned

Windows 7 ultimate on a PC with those specs usually means its borrowed especially since when that PC was new it cost around $350 for the OS…

Never the less

I would start with a Memory upgrade ( 4gb min ), then a video card upgrade ( radeon 7000 series or nvidia equivalent min ) , check to see if your receiving windows updates.

Though 32 bit windows will see 4gb memory MAX…

Side note I burned up ( 2 ) 9800 gtx’s years back

My kids PC runs a nVidia GTX 460, AMD 4 core 940 black edition OC’d 3.2ghz, 8gb memory, Windows 7 pro 64 bit

I run a Radeon 7850 Double D , AMD 6 core Oc’d to 4ghz, 8gb memory, Windows 7 pro 64 bit