Rust dont stop crash

First, I’m using the translator so if it gets bad, it’s not my fault.
So, not much to say. The Rust crash after EXACTLY] ten minutes after I connect to some server. I can leave the game open in the menu for centuries and will not give error (I think). I was wondering if you know what can be. I’ve reinstalled and installed again and nothing. I need help!

2nd time :confused:

Please don’t make additional threads just because you didn’t get a response.

Please also post your system specs: CPU, RAM, GPU

8192 RAM, Intel core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUS). what is gpu :/?

Your video card.

GeForce Gtx 750 ti

What version are your Nvidia drivers? You can find this in the Nvidia control panel. The number I’m looking for goes like xxx.xx (e.g. 350.12).

350.12 like the example

I’d suggest updating. The latest version on Nvidia’s site is 353.62.

Also, that may not be the only problem. Monitor your computer’s temperatures while Rust is going. Make sure you have closed web browsers and other large programs that take up a lot of RAM. The best way to test Rust would be to update the drivers and reboot (as normal for drivers), and then go straight to opening Steam and Rust without anything else.

Ok, I will try

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Thank you!