Rust ++, Door Sharing, PVP, Sleepers, Chicago Server, Active Admin

Server Info:

100 Max Server, Sleepers, PVP Enabled, Door Sharing — Most importantly fair Admin(will remain anonymous and fix issues via messages broadcasted over server if possible)

Airdrops : 40 people
Team Speak Server Hosted :

We are looking to have a highly competitive server, most of us have already put 40+ hours into the game and have a decent understanding of how it works. We will be looking to keep it competitive and fair, if interested join up, it will be extremely busy on weekday nights and weekends for certain, many EST players currently, fresh start.

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Forgot to add all Rust ++ commands work, this will include PVP Kill Text, Join and Leave Text, Starter, Location, Share, Unshare, Friends

half craft has now also been enabled, drop rates have been modified as well to ensure very low C4 and BP drops for more fair play

Airdrop will be going at 15 users to start some fun!

I checked it out the server seems to have some regulars and randoms popping on and off take advantage of the low number of players while you can!

Good Server!!?!!!

Fresh & Active Just The Way I Like It :smiley:

second airdrop t-minus 10 minutes

Bump! Still looking for more!

Good server so far, Admin playing actively, already has regulars playing with more showing up.

Airdrop will be going in 8 minutes, 6:30pm EST, be there or be squaaaaaaaaaare

bump, 12 on and looking for more!

Another Last Man Standing in the Arena will take place tonight!

bump, 17 on come join the fun