Rust download issues

I purchased rust today and i see it needs 1 gb to download however as soon as i start installing it its only downloading 487.8 mb???
I tried now by making a new location and it still is downloading 487.8 mb. I tried to do the validation thingy and it shows as all files are valideted.
Before i removed it and started installing it again i tryed to play it and it launched and i could choose 1000 of servers but i did not because im afraid
i might get banned or something simular. This is my first time (and hopefully last time i buyed rust) so please no comments on like im hacking etc…

Back to the topic:
I am adding a receipt from steam and a screenshot showing you its not downloading 1 gb. Please help me with this.

EDIT: While i was writing this the game downloaded tryed running all is fine and again i can choose a lot of community servers, so i dont want to try joining the server until some one tells me its ok or provide some other help on how to fix this.

For your own safety, you should remove the payment information.

Just for safety precautions.

you’re fine. Just go into servers and play. Thats the size of the game for the moment. The Description of 1 gig is for when the game is finished i think it will be the approx size of the game when finalized. It’s still ALPHA / BETA and is bound to change often.

and yes REMOVE your payment info…

Wow that was extra fast thank you thank you thank you

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No, it’s the difference between the size of the installer and compressed data files being downloaded, and the final uncompressed size of the game when it’s installed on disk.

You’re not going to get banned for hacking because the game was downloaded the normal way Steam games are installed. Have you never noticed this before, OP?

Thats interesting because the SteamAPP game of Rust in my steam folder is NOT 1 gig…

Although i would admit that compression during downloads is common…


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sooo did you install a hack? or did the game double install on you? LOL

That install’s never been run.

And, no, I did not pirate Rust either.

I’m pretty sure with 375 hours in the game it’s been “run” … but thank you for telling me what i’ve done and haven’t done…

My install hasn’t been run, you fool.

Just stole you squirrel pic. thx

nooooooooooooooooooo :frowning: