Rust downloads everytime i started it new, why??

Rust downloads everytime i started it new, why??


Just how the game is really.

Does it download entirely from scratch, or is it reading from cache?

Unity can’t distinguish between both — so if it’s reading from disk, it’s kind of as if it were downloading… from the local cache.

If the game is being successfully cached then the “download” should go as fast as your hard drive allows it.

Im having the samw problem, i need to download the game everytime from scratch when i start playing, How do i fix this?

Thanks for reading.

Ditto for me, I’ve been having to wait about 15-25 minutes each time to play because of the download. I know it’s not my internet connection so it’s gotta be Rust downloading and not saving to cache.

Same for me. Have to wait up to five minutes before i can play. It keeps downloading all shit again every time i join the game

Use Chrome or Firefox, I found that Opera has some problems with cache.

15 mins. Seriously. Mine downloads every time. I thought its supposed to sure. Its through the interwebs sure. Only takes me like 30 secs. You must have some pretty poo net