Rust dupe must be fixed.

Hate playing the game atm. Tried 4 different servers, ever since the hacks have been released, no matter how many metal doors there is the hackers always get inside. Funny thing is that I even am online and they just do it all the time.

No fun playing vs hackers that dupe 10000 c4 and destroy everything.

No fun having hackers loot through your walls either…

thats easily fixed by placing chests on the middle of the house or on a high floor though.

Yea but no house is unraidable the guy could have just farmed all that c4 u never know… Some ppl are plying this game 24/7

I had 35 metal doors. yea surely he farmed all that.

That’s only 105 c4s if we say each door took 3 c4s… Many doors could have decayed only taking 1-2 c4s which lowers it to about 60-70 c4s . Ur right still a lotta c4 but quite possible… Me and my friend just got about 20 c4s yesterday by farming and raiding… And that was just yesterday

I feel you. Guy blew thru all my metal doors and replaced it with his. How do you like them apples.
Love the game, but I wish they would actually work on the playability, usability of their game. The hacks are killing it.