Rust duping is getting out of hand.

I know a lot of people are going to say we already know’s this exist or they patched it. Well sorry to say guys but duping is back and it’s really annoying. There are multiple ways to do this now and garry I know this is in alpha but is there anyway you can work on the duping bugs? Because me and my friends just put 4 days into this big wood base and all the sudden I log on at like 4 am and I see 10 Brazilian people outside with full Kevelar M4’s and c4 for days. They blew past all 10 of my doors and too include a lot of walls. All the bases around me got raided as well. The server is fairly popular (Rusty rust rust) and I would hate too be ruined like a bunch of the servers. But I know they dupe because who is gonna get enough c4 too blow through 10 metal doors on my base plus all the other bases around me (there was around 6 or so). I just hope to see this bug fixed and i’m sure no one is gonna read this but I just want to let everyone know that duping is still a problem and it is sadly not fixed. Sorry for taking up so much time and I appreciate you guys reading this.

I played this game with alot of fun, but now its boring. Everytime is a wipe or reset and you begin with nothing again. The resets are just from this f*** dupers. I think it´s better to make a break. Garry finish the game and fixed the dupingbugs. Let us wait a little bit and the game would be so nice.

I don’t mind the resets as they give new users a chance.
As for the dupes they can only be fixed when reported, hackers are in every game its part of gaming, get used to it.

Fixing any issues that are preventing the game from being able to be played normally (like duping) are our top priority.

Thanks I appreciate it because I want too have a fun experience where by base doesn’t get raided by dupers every 5 minutes.

I understand your frustration, but I do not agree with it.

Duping or no, raiding parties can hit pretty much any structure and take it out. I have recently built my latest attempt at a raid proof house, and have come up with just that, but it has disadvantages too. I won’t say too much, since it’s a problem for you to figure out, but there IS a way to keep your stuff safe in your home.

Above all else, whenever you build a structure, try to look at it from a raiding parties perspective. They will have a lot more options than you do, so doors are really useless as a defense plan. My raid-proof structure has 1.

Brazilians are some of the worst people you can meet in online games. I wouldn’t be surprised if they duped all those explosive charges.

Its not so much about the duping itself. Its the fact that the current system promotes the user who has all the time in the world, and it promotes the duping because it gives them such an advantage (or the other users quite the disadvantage).

Where the hell did that come from? Just thought you should let everyone know you are a racist?

It came from the OP, and my 15+ years of online gaming. Apology accepted.

It’s annoying. I think garry or someone should just tell everyone the dupe so they can do it before he patches it. ffs

We’re trying to stop the dupe not encourage it mate.

No one apologized. Also, your “15+ years of online gaming” doesn’t confirm anything.

Also rating people boxes doesn’t make you correct, last time I checked.

All he said was the experience he has had with Brazilian gamers is bad. He wasn’t saying there all that way. He wasn’t being racist in anyway…

OK so you figured out how to quote wikipedia, and then want to have a cry when I rate your post as “dumb” after you rated all of mine. Take your own advice.

Nice edit BTW, but I caught it in my quote of your post. Bad luck.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming, also rating spam" - postal))

Probably because your xenophobia is pretty dumb.

There was no rant. Just a statement of my past experiences. Rage more.

That’s not a statement, that’s what we call an *assumption. :downs:

Also, pointing out blatant xenophobia ≠ raging.*

OK smart guy, what race are Brazilians?
Hint: it’s a trick question.

Would you rather me call you xenophobic? I’m oh so sorry for referring to your assumption of an entire country the wrong thing.