Rust/EAC vs Netlimiter

If I run RustClient.exe directly, my firewall (netlimiter) detects it fine and an exception can be made for RustClient.exe however EAC doesn’t get started for the session and so I get disconnected off a server later.

If I launch through Rust.exe my firewall only detects the pid of RustClient.exe as wanting to make connections through system host (ie when I get into the game and try access the server list) and the existing exception for RustClient.exe makes no difference because connections are not being seen as coming from RustClient anyway seemingly because of how EAC works

Notice path access is denied when launched through Rust.exe

Create a manual exception for Rust.exe, then? It gets installed as a service.


Thanks for reporting this. I’ll download NetLimiter and test it out.

Which NetLimiter and Windows version are you using?

It seems that I’m unable to reproduce it on NetLimiter 4 & Windows 7 64bit:

It may also be that since I’m on the latest internal EAC version, this issue has already been fixed and will be out shortly in 1-2 days. But in that case we will know more as soon as we push this update out.

dunno if this update has been pushed out… but after checking today…

when start rust in steam> experimental>start> rust loads up and I get this from netlimiter… “c:\steam\steamapps\common\rust\experimental\rustclient_data\streamingassets\coherentui_host\windows\coherentui_host.exe”

so I allow it… but nah no difference allowing that,soon as I goto the server browser netlimiter pops up with wanting me to allow system connections.

Which NetLimiter and Windows version are you using?

v3 and win7 64x

Could you try upgrading to NetLimiter V4 and see if the problem is resolved?

nope because netlimiter 4 is new license upgrade that I don’t plan on getting anytime soon its also beta has netlimiter 3

i’m sure you must have a testing platform for this stuff, this is only game i have this problem with not about to go messing around with my setup

i was trying to keep out of this thread for your sake, but dumb voting my other posts because i dumb voted the above post is just petty.

i voted your comment dumb because knubbe is trying to help you, and you won’t even update to newer(and more likely compatible) version of netlimiter that may work. i get that it is a new liscence, but you cannot expect outdated software to work flawlessly. help yourself ffs, and stop being an idiot, expecting the world will fix your problems with no effort on your behalf…


I will download & test with NetLimiter V3 a bit later, we’re currently working on getting a new update out that adds and fixes heaps of things. This might take a week or two before I get to test, but its on the ‘things to do’ -list, no worries.

As a temporary work-around, allow that ‘system’ process to access internet when launching the game but don’t make it as permanent rule to NetLimiter V3.

"As a temporary work-around, allow that ‘system’ process to access internet when launching the game but don’t make it as permanent rule to NetLimiter V3. "

Its funny you say that, because the only way your suggestion actually works is if it is actually made a permanent rule.

ie if you make a temporary allow on ‘system’ for the games current ‘pid’ when rust starts up and netlimiter detects an outgoing connection through system… would think all further connections rust would want to make in this instance would work, but it does not actually work (yet doing similar temporary allows, on a caught connection in other games/apps, soon as you have allowed it, connections work just fine)… not here, because soon as you can allow, goto server list, and nothing will show, even trying to connect to an ip directly, its like the temporary allow has zero effect in this game.

The only way it does work is making a permanent allow rule on ‘system’ the first time you startup rust… then quit out, and start the game up again, now it will show server list and connect to games. Though I guess the other way it would work is making specific ip address rules that are allowed to work through ‘system’ … but I’d just prefere the game to work like every other game and app and have its own exe exception.

Will check back in a week or two then.

@mrknifey you half wit troll go away.

Ah okies. I’m afraid then there’s no other work-around to the version 3 for now.

I’ll post an update once we get to test with V3.

honestly, i give knubbe heaps of credit. if it had been me trying to help you, i would have stopped wasting my time when you refused the first thing suggested, never mind the above crap you posted. regardless, i can’t be bothered trying to explain how ignorant and entitled you are anymore. enjoy your self inflicted squalor.

@knubbe, you are a damn good person. thank you for all your hard work on this forum.

I’ve seen your attempts at helping people, its like when you came into the last thread without the slightest clue as to the difference between a firewall and antivirus. Or insulting people for not buying a new license for beta software that does not have complete features.

I would not expect a trolltard like you to actually understand any of it, but to ingratiate yourself in a thread you have no business being involved and contribute diddly shit seems to be your goal in life.

I hope no one ever has to deal with as customer support, infact I’d be doing everyone a favor by getting your useless and ignorant ass fired.

Yes because people who have problems with something they purchased and take the time out to try get it fixed by going out of there way to provide more information and step by step details so that it can hopefully be fixed. This was provided directly to Facepunch support in email. Only to find that out Rust own lead developer gary reply back and dismiss the problem as not being an issue with Rust… Which was rather stupid, when I come to there forums and find out about EAC and other customers with similar issues, so it is in actual fact it is his problem, just because the cause of it is from EAC, it is still an issue which he outsourced.

Believe me when I say I would rather not have to come to this troll infested sociopath forum to get something sorted out, having retarded noobs like you around myknifey is enough for anyone to deal with.

yes I’m sure knubbe appreciates your friendly sucking up, maybe he ignores what a complete trolling twat you are :downs:

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming. Also quit rating people's post history dumb just because they rated you dumb..." - postal))

you aren’t looking to provide constructive feedback, you are looking to blame someone for the fact that you cannot get your current setup to work, despite having people trying to help you out, despite it not being a facepunch perogative to make EAC compatible with EVERY setup. you continue to refuse to take responsibility for your part in the problem, or to change ANYTHING in your current setup.

if McDonalds food makes your tummy sore, you don’t write an angry letter to the CEO demanding they change brand of cheese; it’s common sense that you try changing what you order there, or you avoid eating there altogether. EAC are trying to help you fix the problem, and you sit here basically saying “i don’t want to have to change anything to make my game work, it should just work on my current setup”. i appreciate the sentiment, but you’re being unreasonable.

honestly, every time i think i should just be the bigger man and walk away, you feed the asshole in me and i just can’t help but correct your stupidity. not only is this game in alpha, which obviously means you will need to adapt things client-side to play until the later stages of development, you are using free software that was most recently released in march 2011, and is not compatible with anything after windows 7. what did you think would happen?

“despite it not being a facepunch perogative to make EAC compatible with EVERY setup. you continue to refuse to take responsibility for your part in the problem, or to change ANYTHING in your current setup.”

yes sure they are, facepunch staff and gary don’t even seem to know how there inclusion of EAC has issues with firewalls and antivirus software, and instead of directing issues to eac to fix, they say it has nothing to with rust and leave it at that. Which is either stupid or just ignorant of what third party software they are included in there game, EAC also list there customer support for rust as this forum… which is also amusing. To top off assholes like you come into support threads with statements like that, and on the same line suggest the customer is at fault for the problem. Gj retard I’m sure if eac knubbe said just wipe your computer it will work, I would have ignorant dumbshit trolls like you agreeing and using it as opportunity to blame the customer.

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“you aren’t looking to provide constructive feedback, you are looking to blame someone for the fact that you cannot get your current setup to work”

You wouldn’t know what constructive feedback is if it punched you face repeatedly from what I’ve seen. (And if I have anyone to blame its idiots like you that don’t know how to read properly, or respect other peoples issues and without coming in to stir up crap and throw in your own unhelpful noob support bullshit)

"you are using free software "

Netlimiter Pro is not free you assuming prick, and compatibility with OS versions is really besides the point, N3 was built on win7, N4 is in development and built with win8 compatibility from the start. EAC is the problem here, I can’t help eac knubbe downloaded a test version of N4 and tested on a build of EAC and Rust I’m not using myself. How it works and how it needs compatibility patch exceptions for firewalls and antivirus software in order to work is not my problem he shoudl have tested with N3 at the same time. It also has nothing to do with what Win7 OS I’m using. N4 is not finished nor does it have all the features of N3 to make it even worth paying for a new license.

To blame me for providing feedback on this issue to try get it fixed is really pathetic, sad life forum trolls like you live for doing that stuff.

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you really are a special person. firstly, this is a forum, so everyone, polite, constructive or asshole is entitled to say what they want to you. you need to reign in your attitude a bit, and stop taking this so personally.

what i say, or what i am like does not change what you are doing, nor your ignorance of your part in this issue. let me break it down to a few simple points so you can hopefully follow my logic. if you cannot understand it, i am wasting my breath attempting to talk reason with a closed-minded imbecile, and will stop doing so.

  1. EAC are a third party provider hired by facepunch to provide protection for their game. this makes any compatibility issues EAC’s perogative, as they are being paid to provide a service, not anything to do with Facepunch themselves. garry has told you this directly on the last thread you spammed with your problems.

  2. constructive feedback is propositioned in a way that is positive and open to discussion. it also does not demand reply or resolution. what you are doing in every post is blaming facepunch for this game not working on your computer.

  3. perhaps i am wrong about netlimiter v3 being free, i don’t know or really care. on the website i can directly download the .exe without paying a cent, but it is not compatible for me to install to check if you then have to pay for a full license within the program. either way it’s last stable build was released 3 years ago. it is obsolete. in addition, knubbe was unable to replicate the issue with win7 and netlimiter 4. beta? it sounds like it WORKS to me, at least for this.

i am not blaming you for providing feedback. that statement honestly doesn’t make sense. i am telling you that (in my opinion) you are too busy trying to attribute blame to Facepunch to see that EAC are trying to help you…to the point that you are refusing their suggestions point blank instead of trying anything to get this working. help knubbe to help you ffs… because i personally couldn’t care less if it works for you or not.

Piss off troll you are not helping anyone.

quick update and then i will leave you to your angry wallowing.

out of genuine interest in helping you despite your attitude, i downloaded the most recent version of netlimiter 4. it is a testing version, which seems to be fully functional and free for 16 days use.

i installed it, left it on default settings. i started up steam, then played on experimental for an hour with no compatibility issues with EAC.

i would suggest investing if you want to play.