rust EAC - why?

Hello, I have a question, yesterday i playing rust with friend, but today morning i want go play, go in server, dissconnect: EAC banned, why? i not use hacks, why i have eac ban?

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Maybe because you hacked?

i not use hacks.

I’m very convinced.

Have you ever hacked in a different game that is EAC protected? Try to install something into your Rust folders?

well for heavens sakes then, lets unban him! his 2 posts have convinced me of his innocence. :downs:

op, post your steam id for us/EAC to check the twitter feed, check the twitter feed yourself, or contact EAC. but just telling us that you “didn’t cheat” is no more convincing than the last 100 saying exactly the same who were then confirmed as being detected for a paid hack.

OP please link your steam so we can all laugh when EAC or a mod bans you for cheating. I think these threads may be the only reason I come on here anymore

me account, i have 400+hours in rust, i not cheating.

and here is twitter feed.

where i can contact with eac?/?