Rust - Epic Gun Battle!

Make sure to like and subscribe to my channel! :smiley:

By saying that you have guaranteed that I and many others most definitely will NOT like OR subscribe not matter how good the content.

Let people decide to do that on their own.

Seriously? Another video from half a year ago? You damn well know that 99.9% of the Rust player base on the forums hates your “content”. STAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHP!

I think re-posting a video from 6 months ago, that everyone didn’t like the first time qualifies as spam so I’m reporting you.

What’s with all the shit videos? Just get lost man…

Why don’t you just post every video you have in one topic ? If people will like it then the word will spread if not then :smiley: better luck next time, spamming them will only make it worse

This made me cringe- a lot.