Rust Episode Three: Confusing Situations!

I hate it when people don’t embed their links. I don’t need more tabs open.

It doesn’t work for me - I know, click insert video and then put the url in… But this is what happens:

so stop getting so pissed off... deal with another tab...?

how can embed a video?

Well that was us and we thought you where one of our guys lol since someone said it was them but they lie.

I love it, when lazy bastards complain about not embed youtube videos, and put up “Dumb” because of it.
Dick much.

No thanks :c

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There’s a tag for video.

Disable grass xD so many people play with grass on

  1. Press F1
  2. Type “grass.on false” (Without the speech marks)

This will benefit:

  1. Being able to find loot bags
  2. FPS
  3. Probably many other reasons!

MFW E621 In a tab…

not being a dick, it is common courtesy to embed links, forum much? Plus I rated dumb because I wasn’t entertained by the video.

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are we really going to turn this into an argument about e621? :v: who even cares, I am active on a lot of forums. Also, you didn’t even use mfw correctly you nub

BRO I DONT GIVE SHIT BOUT MY FACE, And I never said there was something wrong with e621? I go on forums lots…

Sorry, figured the implication was going to be along the lines of “yiff in hell, furfag.” usually is :v: I enjoy forums of all shapes n sizes, I enjoy active communities, helps me pass time, but that is rather off-topic, I apologize.

Why are you so mad at him?

Doesn’t bother me, I am always open for debate, that’s what a forum is for.

but I am furfag…

Hah! I’m not, per se, I do enjoy some of the cleaner art, and the forum there is interesting :v: I respect your furfagginess :dance:

Nice commentary voice, I would have taken everything out of all those chests and just ran but trying to kill the guy with a rifle works too :rolleyes:

thanks, sorry this created an argument, embedding the video didn’t work for me… so that’s that.

Apology accepted, and I apologize for coming off as rude there, it just happens to be a major pet peeve of mine.

And not a single bullet was landed that day = /