Rust Error 10011 Please Help

Ive tried basically everything, I tried reinstalling rust and eac, ive tried repairing it, and I tried all the methods people have shared on the internet but none of them seem to work for me, I just use the basic windows security anti virus and I’ve already tried disabling it and the firewall but it doesnt seem to work

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I also just tried resetting my pc and that also didnt work

I just looked on rust steam discussions and it looks like alot of people are having this problem so it looks like its on their end, so if anyone is having this same problem where your applications crash and cant hear anyone on discord when you open up rust, just wait until they fix it

I have the same problem, i cant play rust because error 10011 appears :frowning: its so sad i cant fix it i tried everything, deleting rust, install rust, deleting EAC, install EAC, disabling antivirus, disabling firewall i dont know how to fix it

Just gotta wait on another rust small update, shouldnt take long cause there is a ton of people with this issue

Apparently there’s no fix indeed, I tried everyting aswell, even reinstalled my Windows (which made it work once and the error came back the next time I tried to launch the game, so… that’s it, we just have to wait until they fix it

I’ve the same problem man, sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn’t sometimes EAC error 15, sometimes 13, and most of the times failed to start the game ( 2 ) 10011. I literally tried everything possible but nothing helped another thing to mention is the game lags/freezes my pc when that error happens no idea why

Try moving it from disc C to D or any other disc

Try launching with out discord open. Thats what fixed it for me. You can launch discord again after launching game.