Rust Error

Well I just got rust and everything downloaded but now all there is, is a black screen…any ideas how to fix it?

Have you downloaded unity player?

Even though i do not have rust here are some suggestions -
1.restart your computer as admin
3. something on your computer is incompatible with rust
By the way whenever it starts can u hear the audio in the backround with a black screen or do you get the blackscreen and then error or just a blackscreen

It just showing a blackscreen nothing else

what is your operating system ? ex. win 8 win 7 mac linux

Win 7, as is yours. I see you browse here with Google Chrome(maybe Opera?), from within the land of Beavers, and Moose.

lol sorry didnt see specs

when i log on and i starts, sometimes it loads most the way and i hear audio and then unity crashes