Rust Espionage Mission

Hello Guys,

So recently me and a couple of my friends were playing on a server where one could not craft C4(Explosive Charges) or M4.
It was getting pretty boring so I thought I should infiltrate an enemy group and loot them at the right time.

I led an espionage mission in another group and eventually gained their trust. They gave me all the access to their armory/supplies. All I had to do was wait and let them go offline.
Once that happened, I called my team, opened the doors for them and Looted them. I know you guys won’t agree with the methods used here, but we have to remember that

I bet you guys won’t be trusting anyone after you watch this mini series:

I have 3 episodes up, currently uploading the rest. All 5 will be up within 2-3 days time :slight_smile:

Hope you guys enjoyed. (This is my first time making youtube videos with commentary so please don’t flame too much :stuck_out_tongue: )

I would like to add that it took me around a week to execute this master plan :smiley:
All episodes are up enjoy!

I say, nice work. The more competitive strategies in the game are under fire for being used too much, such as raiding and banditry. It’s nice to hear someone shaking it up.

4th Video is up.

All parts of Episode 4 are up and 5th Episode “The Reaction” is going to be up in 20 mins.

heavy but funny xD need some bull egges to do that and to stand the shitstorm, well played sir well played

Or you could’ve gone out and farmed/earned all the stuffs yourself. You know just an adult thought there.

Fixed that for you. It’s a viable strategy, and it worked.

“GO FARM UR ON SHIT ON A PVP GAME” -_- Some people just miss the point of this game entirely. He did farm the stuff himself, by raiding them.

Nice spy work I suppose, lol. Cant help feeling sorry for those poor bastards though. I think your days on that server are numbered though, you’ll forever be watching your backs because those guys “hate” is gonna last a long time.

I think I’m going to link this post to the next “crybaby” thread about KOS’ing, ie: this is why KOS’ing exists.

Im all for clever ways to get around defenses and outsmart other players. Like the saying goes, fool me once…Have a guy on our server whose very friendly. Since me and a couple others grouped up have been there since the last server wipe we are pretty well stocked and try to give the new guys a fighting chance to build up a little, until they are worth raiding of coarse. But this guy finally got it, handed some new player some food then got shot. Started yelling and screaming, crying about being shot and he was just trying to help. Just told him he had it easy here and thats part of the game, need to roll with the punches and keep on playing. If you are going to accept a stranger into the fold, especially in this game you need to be more careful. There is no reason to give someone full access. You can have specific rooms they can access and you can loan them stuff if they ask. This game is one big social experiment which makes things that much more interesting. Some people just cant handle the unpredictability of human interaction when there are no rules, no laws, no consequence

Bump so more people can see what Rust is capable of :slight_smile:

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You earned it!

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