Rust essentially DDOSes me

So, this has been happening for a while now, but when I load servers, rust pretty much DDOSes me.

Heres a ping test i did to google, I almost never get dropped packets, and rust was loading servers as I was ping testing

The first chunk was when I was trying to join a server, and the larger chunk happened shortly after I got disconnected and refreshed my server broswer

Interesting, could you try with wireshark running? Can you reproduce with a speedtest or only Rust?

I suffered from this too Big Time!. in steam browser settings i set Maxping down to 500 on the advice of many but for me it didnt help me at all,
next step i turned down my max download speed in steam to 2mb (unless im updating il put up),
But then i found this neat little reg entry which seemed to stop it completely

i set my rate to 3000