Rust Essentials 1.6.3 - ":( - You do not have permission to do this."

So I recently bought a new server and when ever I type in a command such as: “/ban player” I get that message which was mention in this thread’s title. I do not know why this’s happening nor do I know how to fix it. I Google’d for 3 hours straight and couldn’t find any answers. Maybe I’m missing something very simple? Oh well, I hope I find out.

Thanks in advance to who ever helps me out here.



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Have you added yourself as an Admin/Owner of the server under the ranks.ini in the Essentials configurations on the server? Also, after adding yourself as an admin/owner, you need to make sure in the commands.ini that the command for whatever you want to do is under that rank.

Ok, how do I make it so every player that joins the server has automatically access to the basic features of Rust Essesntials?

EDIT: This is my commands.ini file:

And this is my ranks.ini file:

How do I make it so i can add admins / mods and also how do i make it so every player that joins the server gets to have access?

See this section???
get gere your UID :slight_smile: