Rust Essentials Remover Tool?

I installed Essentials on my own server,
how do i turn the remover tool on for everyone?
I can’t use it ingame.
Sorry for my bad english, i’m german :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("missed the rust essentials thread" - postal))


and the command
/remove to default group and inheritance should do its stuff

It don’t work, i added /remove to default group in the rank.ini, saved it and run the game, i typed the commend /remove in the chat, but nothings happend

Well your doing something wrong

The syntax for the command should be /remove on or /remove off

Did you use the /reload all command to implement the configuration changes?

Restarting the server would also kick them into life.

However the /remove tool will allow any player to remove anything, regardless of if it belongs to them (unless I missed something).

All we do once mod is added just enter chat then /remove that turns it on for you or whoever types it in and it stays on till you enter chat and repeat /remove then it is off for that person. Didnt have to use recon or oxadmin