rust.exe has stopped working on startup


I didn’t play for like 2 or 3 month, and now when i launch the game it say rust.exe has stopped working, so i try to launch Rustclient but when i join a server, the game disconnect and its write EAC:user disconnected.

Please help me !!!

(sorry for my bad english)

Make sure you’re launching Rust through Steam. Rust forces steam identification so if you launch from anywhere but steam, even if steam is open, EAC will throw you out.

Same here. Always worked perfect untill now. Rust.exe is not working anymore. Tried re-install but no result.

Yeah but i cant launch the game from steam it say rust.exe has stopped working …

A lot of people are having this problem but a definitive fix hasn’t been found. I haven’t been able to play for weeks because of this and I have tried everything short of upgrading to Windows10. It would be nice if this issue would be addressed by the developers because it is obviously not an isolated incident.

Do you have avg, Norton, or malwarebytes? these all seem to cause this issue but seem to be overlooked by most people.

Mate it’s because EAC is fucking shit and Facepunch made the worst choice to use it