rust.exe has stopped working, paying with my virginity for succesful solution

So i wanted to play rust again after my PC format and a change from win7 to win8, with some sick improvements. The biggest change i noticed is that Rust doesn’t work at all now when i try to launch it through steam, so i’ve been sitting for 2 hours masturbating and looking for solutions on how to fix it. And my life. Didn’t find one.


Things i tried:

-Veryfying integrity (no effect)
-Launching game from RustClient.exe (my game started, but EAC disconnected me from every server i tried to join; from what i’ve read this is what always happens if you launch the game from RustClient because the service doesn’t start. And no, manual start of the service doesn’t work)
-Reinstalling EAC multiple times
-Launching the game as administrator, with different compatibilities, etc
-Restarting the shit out of my PC
-Deleting the game multiple times and installing rust in different folders
-Reinstalling my graphic drivers, net frameworks, directx
-Not a single anti-virus working or installed
-Hitting my sister for a little satisfaction (that helped me a bit)

The only thing that seemed to work for some people is upgrading to Windows 10. Not an option. Im not gonna sell my dignity to play some bugged average 30 FPS game where you stand no chance at all if you don’t play with a clan of at least 3 nerds and lifetime loosers. I am one but my friends aren’t and have better things to do. Please help im even considering killing myself.
Btw, im kinda sexy, above average at least, i’m willing to do things to you if you can save me from this annoying shit. I’ve paid some serious money and played this game for only 200 hours. I want to be big daddy.


a beautiful soul on reddit gave me solution. Just try playing rust on a new windows account if you have this issue. After that I ran steam in compatibility mode and it works. It can probably work without it, but i’m gonna test that later today. I also upgraded to 10, but it’s probably unnecessary, try playing from new user first.